Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I thought I'd post some pics of beautiful Antigua today. When I made the reservation for our post-mission trip (mini vacation) hotel I was anticipating something like a Hampton Inn because of the cost. We were overwhelmingly surprised by how beautiful it was. And the service was great! So this blog post is of pictures of our hotel.

                                                      The Casa Rosal Boutique Hotel

view from street

A peek inside the gate

Looking out toward the street

The front entrance

The pavilion where we eat breakfast each day

We ate breakfast on this side of the courtyard as well. We had free breakfast where we ordered off the menu. I had crepes every morning. What a luxury! It was a good thing we had to walk everywhere we went!

The staff learned quickly that we drank decaf coffee every day. I think it was instant coffee since ordering decaf is pretty much unheard of in Guatemala. But it was good!

The rooftop

Just steps away from our room was this view

I've had fun playing with editing filters with some of these rooftop views. 

There was a wedding at the hotel while we were there. Of course I was sneaky and got a few pics of the set up while they were getting it all ready. It looked like a dream! 
Here is one of the displays for the wedding:

and the tables for the reception...

Here is where the ceremony was set up - on the roof of the hotel! 

I also slipped around during the reception and got a picture from a distance. Colored lights really made the pavilion look beautiful!

I loved this view from the rooftop of the hotel. Just a few steps from our room! Thats a volcano in the background. :) 

And the room was beautiful. 

And the bathroom!

The ceiling rose to an opening that looked like a turet on the outside...

                  Outside view of our bathroom ceiling!

Our patio outside the bedroom

view from our patio - the metal steps at the top of the pic led up to the roof

One of the sitting areas in the hotel

Reflecting pool on the grounds

We heard from a driver that our hotel used to be the home of the President of Guatemala! 
It was a wonderful place to stay and I really hope we can stay there again someday.